CD Heaven & Earth in Little Space



Christmas Music for Clavichord

Adrian Lenthall, Clavichords after Silbermann, Hubert and two anonymous clavichords
‘Absolutely spell-binding’  – British Clavichord Society Newsletter (on Adrian’s live performance of the programme on this CD)



Christmas is a moment when the great things are revealed within the tiny:

‘There is no rose of such virtue, As is the Rose that bare Jesu: Alleluia. For in this rose containèd was Heaven and Earth in little space: res miranda.’

Of all the keyboard instruments, the clavichord is the one contained in the littlest space, but in its range and subtlety it is equal to the profoundest musical thought. Material and yet ethereal – the softest and most intimate of any instrument – its own paradoxes parallel those of the being-made-flesh of the eternal Word. It is a kind of musical manger: a humble wooden box standing open where we can feed and be rested, containing whispered news of things glimpsed in darkness, heard far away or high above. The music presented here takes us beyond the well-worn moods and sounds of Christmas, and into a little-explored region of intersection between the particular magic of Christmas and that of the clavichord.