Comments and Reviews

Extracts from CD reviews can be read on the ‘Plus Fait Douceur Recordings’ page. Here are some more comments, from audience members at live events:

An unforgettable evening… the rapt attention of the audience was impressive.

I absolutely loved your Froberger… your virtuosity in the Gigue… practically shot me off my seat.

We were impressed and inspired… will be talking about it for a long time to come… thank you again from our hearts.

Spectacular musicianship…

Delightful event… inspired choice… splendidly constructed programme and fine playing.

Most ingeniously devised and beautifully played.

I felt very privileged hearing your recital today. What a great way to spend lunch hour.  I loved it.

You managed to completely engage the audience with such tiny instruments!

Adrian’s playing, as ever, was superb. Really brilliant how he got the INSIDE voices … to come through so clearly.  One could imagine he had another manual tucked up his sleeve.  Oh, how I wish…

Phrasing, ornamentation, tempi, registrations, brilliant all. I was also particularly impressed by your varied and most expressive articulation.

Adrian’s style of playing was calm and concentrated…

Brilliant recital…

Really beautiful playing…

I still often listen to that fabulous Froberger recital you sent me.

Excellent and very enjoyable recital… I can’t see how it could have been bettered except perhaps by extending it.

Beautiful service:  such a thoughtful and prayerful combination of words and music in a wise, trustworthy old building.

My sincere congratulations for an outstanding service on Sunday. It was one of the most memorable I have attended in a long time.

Adrian ’s playing is just amazing!